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Your business is a mirror of your mind

Do you have systemic problems in your business that you just can’t get on top of?

If your staff or clients behave in a way that you don't like, or something you desire is not happening, perhaps you need to look in the mirror.

It sounds obvious. But many leaders believe the problem lies outside them. They understand it's their responsibility to fix it. But don't see their mindset as the origin of many of their business problems.

Let's look at some typical areas I see (and have experienced) where mindset has an impact:

  • Negative Assumptions = Poor sales.

  • Self-Defeating Talk = Lack of growth.

  • Constantly comparing with others = Lack of social media success.

  • Disempowering beliefs about difficult people = Poor staff behaviour.

  • Blaming others = Toxic Culture

I will give you my example, and the moment I realized the truth, my mindset was reflected in my business problems.

Like all employers, I started to get annoyed with staff gossiping; it was not malicious; it was just non-stop talking. Perhaps a better word for it would be hyper socialization.

I instigated quiet zones in the business to try and reduce the chatter and employed all sorts of endeavours, but none of it worked.

Then, I had an epiphany; I was the gossip.

I was continually chatting; the behaviour was a mirror of me; I was the problem.

But WHY was I doing it?

I was procrastinating in the business. Once I changed my mindset to a goal-oriented mindset, things quietened down.

Recognize, we are all WIP's (works in progress). When you see something you don't like in your business, check your thoughts and behaviour first and address it.

Some suggestions:

  • Practice positive self-talk

  • Nip negativity in the bud

  • Watch what you are saying

  • Meditate

  • Get a great Executive Coach

  • Do some 360 interviews with staff

  • Seek out your board of directors

  • Commit to continual learning

Is there something in your business that is bothering you right now? Can you see the reflection in YOU? What do you think of this theory friends, do you agree? Please comment below!


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