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Professional Bio

Hi, I'm Paris Cutler

I’m a business and brand strategist. People come to me for help with their biggest challenges. I work with established entrepreneurs and influencers, business owners, and corporate executives.


I identify and unblock systemic problems of all kinds. I’m a crisis solver. Nothing shocks me because I’ve seen it all. 


I show people how to take their business and career to the next level. 

My Story

I’m best known for my early success as the owner of Planet Cake, where I flipped an industry on its head by moving in the opposite direction to everyone else, achieving exponential growth. I then stepped into TV presenting and became an author of five best-selling books. 


While I was wildly successful, I also experienced the challenges that came with it. As an accomplished entrepreneur and media personality, I faced many crossroads but couldn’t find the advice I needed anywhere. 


In hindsight, if I’d had coaching from someone who had been in my shoes before, I would have done some things differently.


Through my own experience, I now help others in the same situation.


I work closely with people across the world who need frank and pragmatic coaching and advice from someone who has been where they are. As a Blue Ocean Strategist, I help propel people and brands forward by creating markets with little or no competition.


On a personal note, I live in Sydney with my beautiful family. I’m committed to the regular practice of yoga and meditation, through which I value empathy and flexibility in process and outcome. I’m also a devoted environmentalist and vegetarian.

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Key Accomplishments

  • Started in stockbroking and went on to study law  

  • Bought a small cake shop in 2003 knowing nothing about cake

  • Turned Planet Cake into a #1 national brand and seven figure business

  • Known as ‘Cake Maker to the Stars’ such as Rihanna, Celine Dion and Katy Perry

  • Built the largest cake decorating school in the Southern Hemisphere

  • Published five best-selling books with Murdoch Publishing, translated into seven languages and distributed worldwide

  • Starred in my own reality TV show ‘Planet Cake’, televised in over 26 countries

  • Winner of an Astra Award for Best Lifestyle Program

  • Finalist for Ernst & Young's 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award

  • Regular commentator, with appearances on the Disney Channel, the Morning Show, the Today Show, Business News, Sky News, the Circle and Sunrise

  • Keynote speaker on entrepreneurship

  • Blue Ocean Strategist 

Find Out About My Services 

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