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'Rather than trying to directly compete with companies that are already established in the marketplace, I seek to find consumers that have been neglected or are currently being underserved. By expanding our efforts with these clients, we can potentially access more consumers with fewer competitors and become an industry leader in the process.'


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As a Strategist and Coach, I work directly with entrepreneurs, social media influencers, and corporate executives. Some of my goals for you may include but are not limited to: Identifying new markets, customers & audiences. 


Defining and clarifying your brand. Reinventing you professionally and getting you access to new opportunities. Growing your visibility in your industry. Increasing your ability to attract the right kind of clients. Becoming a published author and marketing your book successfully. Dramatically enhancing your online presence and influence. Launching a new entrepreneurial venture or taking your existing practice to the next level. I typically work with clients for a six-week engagement, This includes my blue ocean strategy session plus influencer brand, media strategy and additional consulting services.


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