• Paris Cutler

When things seem shattered and difficult, are you able to remain optimistic?

Perhaps even see it as a blessing in disguise?

To inspire you, a story about Steve Jobs before Apple.

Steve Jobs never graduated from college, despite his biological mother making it a condition of his adoption.

His adoptive parents did not have much money and extended beyond their means to send him to Reeds College.

However, he could see it was financially breaking them, so he dropped out, but stayed on in the dormitory.

To feed himself he collected coke bottles and sold them for 5 cents.

He attended whatever lectures took his fancy and was particularly interested in calligraphy lectures; Reed had the best in the US.

That is where he learned about Serif and Sanserif fonts.

Steve's knowledge of fonts turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Later when he and Wozniak started manufacturing computers he utilised his font knowledge to inject beauty into the cold world of computers.

The beautiful typeface on our screens today is in part the result of Steve Jobs being too poor to go to college.

Just remember we are all W.I.P, don’t feel discouraged, keep learning, and remember it could be a blessing in disguise.

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