• Paris Cutler

One of the greatest hidden dangers for entrepreneurs

I raced down to my daughter’s school to deliver her forgotten lunch when the strangest thing happened; I could not remember where her classroom was or even who her teacher was.

After an embarrassing discussion with the school office, I managed to laugh it off and they sorted it out.

However, I was left rattled, how could I forget?

I knew who my daughter’s teacher was, she talked about nothing else.

This event happened over a decade ago, however, I am sharing it today because it was a symptom of something more serious.


And I believe many people right now are at risk.

What is burnout?

When stress becomes overwhelming, it can turn to burnout.

Burnout has many of the same symptoms as depression, including memory and concentration problems, sleeplessness, muscle aches, profound fatigue,

irritability, anxiety, and a feeling of being emotionally drained.

All of us without exception have gone through critical stress in 2020.

This has left us at risk.

Last week I had a migraine, I took it was a red flag and I took a complete break from work.

Friends, please remember your health is your greatest asset and look after yourself.

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