• Paris Cutler

My #1 piece of advice for Job Seekers!

As my friends know I am very direct, so when I was asked by a job seeker what my #1 piece of advice was he was a little taken aback.

Organise a support group for fellow job seekers.

He said WHAT???

I'm a pragmatist, so here's the low down.

You will be much more successful in your job search if you work collaboratively.

Finding jobs, recruiters, courses, best advice, tips, free webinars and networking is best achieved by sharing information and supporting each other.

HOW do I set one up?

Don’t over complicate it; it’s as simple as setting up a WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram group and approaching job seeker friends on your chosen social media platform (LinkedIn is perfect) and in your friendship group to join.

I honestly consider peer support to be a defining factor in my ability to achieve goals it's a game changer.

And here is the bonus part, it will help keep your morale up, you will make friends with people who understand your situation and you will be able to help others.

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