• Paris Cutler

How to thrive in adversity!

One of the most critical factors in your ability to thrive during adversity is your ability to master your thoughts.


Because THOUGHTS precede ACTION if you want an optimistic outcome, you need to think positively.

By way of example let's look at the story of Helen Keller; Helen lived a life that triumphed over darkness.

At the age of two, Keller was struck down by a virus which left her BLIND and DEAF.

With no way to communicate, she would fly into raging tantrums.

Then at the age of six, she was taken to an exceptional teacher, Anne Sullivan.

Sullivan had a breakthrough by putting Helen’s hand under running water and then with her other hand spelling w-a-t-e-r.

A light bulb went on; by nightfall, Helen had learned 30 words.

Helen went on to be the first deaf-blind person to earn a degree and write a book and she became an advocate for the deaf and blind.

To further the advocacy work she learned to speak, it took her 25 years, and her speeches brought inspiration to millions of people.

In the immortal words of Helen Keller, if you...

"Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadow."

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