• Paris Cutler

How do you get people to listen to you?

Increase the VALUE of what you say.

The first thing I ask anyone wanting to gain market leadership and influence is:

1. What is your cut-through message?

2. Who are you speaking to?

3. Is it delivered in a way your target audience resonates with and likes?

Almost always, the reason clients are failing to get noticed is that they don't know the answer to these questions, not because they don't have a great business or idea.

Therefore if you want to STAND OUT and become recognized:

Enhance your message so that it contributes meaningfully. Make sure that this message serves others and is aligned with your back story and values.

Know precisely who you are speaking to and create customer avatars for that audience. I create avatars very easily by matching with someone I know. I then consider my avatar with every piece of content I create.

Learn the art of how to communicate effectively in person and on social media. I always tell people to lean into their strengths and their preferred platform but do it consistently.

Finally, keep growing and sharing!

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