• Paris Cutler

How do you find your passion?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

This is a weird question right? Most of us feel sad and confused when we cannot identify what we are truly passionate about especially when it seems to come so easily to others.

I have been mentoring a lot of people lately about their plans for 2019, whether it be starting a new business, a side hustle, changing jobs or starting a new hobby and this is the advice I give, the easiest way I found to identify your passion/s Firstly, put aside all preconceived ideas of what a passion should look like, be it a fashionable hobby, noble cause or business idea and ask yourself this question... What makes me feel energized? What am I doing when I lose myself in time? Passion is about energy, when you are engaged in something you are passionate about you feel energized. Think of the opposite, when you are doing some you dislike it usually feels draining. Don’t worry if the answer is weird. Businesses, hobbies and occupations can be created around virtually anything. For example I loved creating events and parties, I would spend hours doing it, in the end I bought a cake shop. I have a friend who loves organizing closets, pantries, book shelves, she started a business as a professional organizer. I meet a client when I was working in recruitment a high powered director who was miserable, I asked him this question and his answer was working with wood in his garage, he started a side hustle making furniture and 2 years later quit his job and created a furniture business. A close friend is passionate about grass, not the smoking kind 😂, the stuff on your lawn. He now runs a business looking after cricket greens. TIP: if you are so confused you cannot think of a thing, think back to what you lost yourself in when you were a child, what things did you like doing? I liked to set up shops at the top of my driveway with my best friend Melanie, setting up businesses and coaching entrepreneurs is still a passion. So instead of trying to think of things you may like to do, think of things that give you energy and you naturally love doing.

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