• Paris Cutler

Have you ever had a fantastic idea, but you didn't follow through because no-one else was doing it?

To be a market leader, to be an innovator, number #1 often means going against the grain.

The challenge in doing that is that it requires you to be BRAVE.

The story of Dick Fosbury illustrates this perfectly.

On Oct 20, 1968, 21 yo Fosbury competed for USA gold in the high-jump event at the Mexico City Olympic Games.

Unbelievably up until this day, no one had ever jumped the high-jump backward.

So when Fosbury announced that he was going to debut his new backward jumping technique, the ‘Fosbury Flip,' he received intense criticism.

The press started calling it the 'Fosbury Flop,' and he was the butt of many jokes.

As a consequence, all eyes were on him on that day to watch him fail.

As he approached the high jump, he launched off on the wrong" foot, arched his back, and cleared the bar.

Dick Fosbury shocked the world by setting a new Olympic world record of 7 feet 4 1/4 inches (2.24m) and winning GOLD.

“Few athletes in history have done their thing as uniquely as Dick Fosbury. He literally turned this event upside down.” J.Tansley

I believe you must ZIG where others ZAG!

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